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Woad – Use for Treatment of Viral Diseases

The history of woad, (Isatis tinctoria), is most interesting. Its uses range from wood preservatives and biological paint to pharmaceuticals. The British used woad during the period of occupation under the Roman Empire to dye their faces blue before battle.…

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Nasturtium and its potential use in fighting multi-resistant pathogens

The nasturtium was named Medicinal Plant of the Year in 2013. A committee of experts at the University of Würzburg (Germany) awards this title every year. The scientists, pharmacists and…

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Countering stress and insomnia with natural means

The subject of stress is omnipresent these days. According to the stress report of the American Psychological Association (APA), the stress level of Americans is rising steadily. Corona in particular…

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St. John’s wort – herbal medicine between tradition and modernity

The real St. John's wort, (Hypericum perforatum), has been one of the most popular medicinal plants in Europe since the end of the 20th century. In 2015, the characteristic yellow…

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Frequently asked questions

You asked - we answered. We collected all frequently asked questions regarding the topic "Plant extracts for the relief of Alzheimer's symptoms".

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You should pay attention to this when buying products with Greek mountain tea.

Thanks to the research of Prof. Pahnke, the level of awareness of Greek mountain tea (Sideritis scardica) has increased considerably. The consumer often cannot assess which products are best suited…

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Relieve Alzheimer’s symptoms with plant extracts

You want to learn more about the research of Prof. Pahnke? We summarized the most important information in this article.

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