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woman with depression

According to the WHO (World Health Organization), depression is widespread. It can appear in the form of sleep disorders, loss of appetite, fatigue, lack of concentration, various levels of moodiness, sadness and lack of interest. In accordance with this interpretation, presumably every adult has already suffered from depression.

The WHO further notes that women are affected more often than men and that depression is more common amongst unemployed people. Depression can appear for an extended period of time or recurrently. Everyday life can be severely affected. In cases of moderate and severe depression, the WHO recommends medical treatment or professional counselling.

The question arises occasionally as to whether treatment to change serotonin levels is crucial for the success of treatment in case of depression. Serotonin is a messenger substance, (neurotransmitter), in the nervous system and at the same time a hormone in the blood.

Neurotransmitters ensure that the electrical information can be transmitted from one nerve cell to another. Depressed people have a 50% lower serotonin level than healthy people.

The private institute IBAM GbR has carried out case studies in cooperation with the University Medical Centre of Freiburg which show a connection between the administration of Greek mountain tea as a serotonin reuptake inhibitor and depressive moods. Serotonin reuptake inhibitors increase the serotonin concentration in the tissue fluid of the brain.

Two of the observed cases

First case

“47-year-old female patient with recurrent depression, moderate episodes and migraine over 20 years. The patient refuses treatment with classical anti-depressants; she would like herbal active ingredients.

Prescription: 1 litre of Greek mountain tea per day.

After 14 days, significantly improved mood and night sleep as well as increased motivation”.

Second case

“43-year-old male patient with recurrent depression and maintenance therapy with venlafaxine 300 mg. Greek mountain tea as a supplement, initially 0.5 litre, later 1 litre per day because of persistent lack of motivation.

After 4 weeks, development of venlafaxine intolerance with persistent diarrhoea, nausea, sweating and dizziness. Reduction of dose of venlafaxine over 6 weeks and discontinuation of the drug by the family doctor.

Prescription: 6 months maintenance therapy for depression with 1 litre of Greek mountain tea per day.

A depressive episode over a 4-week period, compared to the history of the last 15 years, considered as a significantly shorter episode with spontaneous remission after 4 weeks. Complete remission for one year.” (Source:

In animal studies, the research institute stated also that the mountain tea, (Sideritis), achieved a significantly greater serotonin reuptake inhibition than the medical product fluvoxamine. Also, compared to St. John’s wort, Sideritis performs significantly better in the experiments.

Natural remedies against depression

Depression exists in many degrees, and manifestations. From the slight mood swing to the deepest depressive state, which makes you almost unable to live.

It is therefore strongly recommended to seek professional help in order to avoid increase of depression and to achieve fast improvement. For example, there may be an organic cause that can be rapidly treated with conventional medicine, (e.g. hypothyroidism), or any deficiency, (vitamins, minerals, trace elements), that can lead to or increase depression.

In the first place, in addition to the Greek mountain tea, (Sideritis scardica), or to a corresponding extract for the treatment of depressive moods, there are additional household remedies which are recommended by various sources: