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You should pay attention to this when buying products with Greek mountain tea

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Thanks to the research of Prof. Pahnke, the level of awareness of Greek mountain tea (Sideritis scardica) has increased considerably. The consumer often cannot assess which products are best suited for his purposes.

Greek mountain tea as a tea infusion

Greek mountain tea can be consumed as a tea infusion for traditional use for coughs and stomach and intestinal complaints. You can use the varieties Sideritis scardica, Sideritis clandestina, Sideritis raeseri and Sideritis syriaca. 

However, many tea suppliers market their products with inadmissible health claims. It has not been scientifically proven that the tea infusion prevents Alzheimer’s dementia. The studies by Prof. Pahnke refer exclusively to the successful results with sideritis scardica as an alcoholic extract (extract). In addition, there is numerous positive patient feedback that Prof. Pahnke has published on his website.

Greek mountain tea in capsules or tablets

With Greek mountain tea in capsules or tablets, you should pay attention to what exactly is contained in the product.

With ground Greek mountain tea

Capsules with Greek mountain tea that do not state whether it is an extract are extremely questionable. The manufacturers of such products sell capsules that contain only the ground plant. The consumer advice centre Germany not only warns of life-threatening bacteria in dried leaf products, but especially of dried leaf products in capsules.


Capsules are particularly problematic because they cannot be heated.

– consumer advice centre Germany

Not only do these capsules have no effect and are harmful to health, they are also extremely expensive. You pay up to €70 for 100 gr. Of the plant. For comparison: in retail you pay around €10 for this amount. But, even then, you would not eat the plant, but instead pour it into tea.

With extract from Greek mountain tea

There are comparatively few of these products on the market. However, they are recommended if you want to try Greek Mountain Tea for Alzheimer’s. A lot of Greek mountain tea is used for the extract. The active ingredients are extracted from the plant using ethanol using a special extraction process. This is how the active ingredients containing oil also dissolve. The result is an active ingredient concentrate.

Combination preparation Renovare 500

We already mentioned this product in another blog post. Renovare 500 was specially developed on the basis of research by Prof. Pahnke and, in addition to Greek mountain tea, also contains St. John’s wort and magnesium. As you can read here, Greek mountain tea dissolves plaque deposits. St. John’s wort removes these dissolved deposits.

One tablet contains 225 mg of Greek mountain tea extract. For use in Alzheimer’s, you should take about 4 tablets before going to bed. If you have trouble swallowing, you can simply crush the tablets (mortar), mix them in a glass of juice or mix them with the yoghurt.

Patient feedback on this product in Alzheimer’s can be found here.


The second well-known product is called memoLoges®. In addition to Greek mountain tea, it also contains extracts from the Indian Brahmi plant, B vitamins and zinc.

One capsule contains 190 mg of Greek mountain tea extract. Here you would have to take about 5 tablets. There are still no scientific data on the combination of Greek mountain tea and the Indian Brahmi plant in Alzheimer’s disease. Because of the bitter taste, the manufacturer recommends not opening the capsules, but swallowing them whole.

Unfortunately, we could not find any patient feedback for this product. Have you tested this product on Alzheimer’s? Write to us at or on our Facebook page and tell us about your experiences.


Depending on the purpose for which you want to consume Greek mountain tea, you should pay attention to certain factors when buying it. For use in Alzheimer’s disease, we recommend the extract due to the significantly higher active ingredient content. When buying products with Greek mountain tea, make sure that they really contain extract.

Do you still have questions about Greek mountain tea for Alzheimer’s? Just contact us at

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