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Greek mountain tea for fungal diseases

The plant is said to help especially with cold symptoms and stomach problems. However, the possible area of application of Greek mountain tea is much larger.

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Long-term study: regular dancing is the most effective way of preventing dementia

Under the guidance of the Albert Einstein Academy of Medicine in New York, a long-term study was conducted over a period of 21 years with people aged 75 and over.…

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English scientists assume connection between certain medicinal products and dementia

Researchers have found that taking certain medicinal products against depression, bladder diseases and Parkinson's increases the risk of developing dementia by 13 percent.

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Leipzig study on the connection between obesity and dementia

Over five research centers and 10.000 randomly chosen participants are involved in the LIFE-adult study. Up to now, a possible connection between obesity and dementia was more controversial. And there…

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