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St. John's wort
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St. John’s wort – herbal medicine between tradition and modernity

The real St. John’s wort, (Hypericum perforatum), has been one of the most popular medicinal plants in Europe since the end of the 20th century. In 2015, the characteristic yellow…

Frau auf Stuhl mit Fragezeichen über ihrem Kopf
Reading Time: 3 minutes

You should pay attention to this when buying products with Greek mountain tea

Thanks to the research of Prof. Pahnke, the level of awareness of Greek mountain tea (Sideritis scardica) has increased considerably. The consumer often cannot assess which products are best suited…

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Traditionelle Medizin mit Pflanzen und Buch auf dem Tisch
Reading Time: 5 minutes

Relieve Alzheimer’s symptoms with plant extracts

You want to learn more about the research of Prof. Pahnke? We summarized the most important information in this article.

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Schale mit Pillen und Ginkgoblatt
Reading Time: 4 minutes

Ginkgo preparations in Alzheimers without effect?

Ginkgo preparations dominate the market of herbal medicine. And this, despite the fact that there are loud voices from scientists, who have been warning against these preparations for years.

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Frau im Wald
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Greek mountain tea use with depressions and anxiety disorders

Greek mountain tea or Greek verbena is a hundreds of years old remedy that is appreciated for its calming effect in the Balkans, where it originally comes from.

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Kräuter, die für die Weiterverarbeitung vorbereitet werden.
Reading Time: 5 minutes

Greek mountain tea: To be taken as tea or extract?

Many of our visitors wonder whether Greek mountain tea (Sideritis scardica) should be taken as a tea or tablet (extract). That is why we asked Professor Jens Pahnke to answer…

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Abbildung Gehirn
Reading Time: 6 minutes

FDA investigates: Aduhelm™ – Expensive Alzheimers drug with no effect?

The drug treatment of Alzheimers dementia is still in its infancy despite intensive research and continues to focus on the symptoms and not on their cause. When Biogen approved the…

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